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Regular lawn care routine can maintain your lawn’s fresh beauty for a lifetime increasing the value of your property. Spurts of energetic, overzealous care followed by months of poor attention can spell disaster.

All grasses must have moisture to survive. Newly laid sod should be watered


City of Tampa Watering Restrictions

Hillsborough County Watering Restrictions

Argentina Bahia
- Daily, for the first 10- 14 days
St. Augustines (In Full Sun)
- Daily, for the first 10-14 days
St. Augustines (In Sun and Shade)
- every other day, for the first 10-14

Insecticides/ Fungicides:
Spray immediately after installation or contact a professional spray technician for assistance.

A properly mowed lawn has a greater resistance to weeds, insects, and lawn diseases. Use a well sharpened mower blade and trim sod leaving blades at an overall height of 3-4 inches tall. NEVER SCALP LAWN!

Sod will not produce a good lawn on the small amounts of nutrients found naturally in the soil. Therefore it is necessary to supplement with regular applications of fertilizer. Follow label directions for proper application. Milorganite fertilizer is best used during warm weather months. For best results apply April through October. Turf Builders or Weed and Feed products are best used during the months of October through March.

Steps to Installation
At Jimmy’s Sod Company we constantly strive to provide you with the best in all aspects of lawn growth. Our high quality products are sure to provide you with exactly what you are looking for.

** New Prices Effective July 14th 2023**

Argentina Bahia:Open turf, durable, and low maintenance with deep root system. Ideal for slopes, retention ponds, and commercial sites. Bahia requires full sun all day.

400 Square Feet: $152.00

Piece Price: $1.50

St. Augustine for Sun & Shade:
Types will vary based on availability. These choices are good for areas that receive more than two hours of shade, but not total or near total shade.

500/250 Square Feet per Pallet: Call for pricing

Piece Price: $2.00

*Prices are available for orders picked up at our location. Delivery charges dependant on location and quantities ordered.

**Pallet square footage is approximate.

All sales are FINAL- No returns as products are perishables. Due to many factors including weather and watering restrictions there are NO GUARANTEES.
Sodding produces an instant lawn. However, without proper installation and care following the operation, sodded lawns can die easily. The following step-by-step procedure is recommended for establishing new lawns with sod.

Best time to plant: Early fall and spring have proven better since sod is less susceptible to fungi and insects.

Ground Preparation: Never plant new sod over an existing lawn. Remove all debris roots and weeds and rake to a level grade. An effective herbicide might be needed to remove any weeds that persist. It is advisable to check soil for proper PH levels.

Sprinklers: A system installed by an irrigation specialist is recommended for optimum performance of St. Augustine sods.

Water Ground: Watering soil a day or two prior to installing new sod is advisable. This will add much needed moisture for your new sod. Once the sod is installed be sure to water between 6 and 8 AM only; do not water during the evening as letting sod sit in moist soil overnight weakens the integrity of the sod's root system.

Laying Sod: Sod should be installed within 24 hours of delivery. Place pieces together staggering each row with half or whole pieces to prevent joints from coming together in each row.

Spraying: Immediately following installation, see your nursery or garden center for proper pesticides, insecticides and fungicides; contacting a spray service for regular service is a convenient alternative.