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Services and Products

At Jimmy’s Sod Company we constantly strive to provide you with the best in all aspects of lawn growth. Our high quality products are sure to provide you with exactly what you are looking for.

** New Prices Effective May 21st 2018**

Argentina Bahia:
Open turf, durable, and low maintenance with deep root system. Ideal for slopes, retention ponds, and commercial sites. Bahia requires full sun all day.

400 Square Feet: $100.00

Piece Price: $0.75


St. Augustine Floratam:
Most popular variety of St. Augustine turf.  Adapts to most soil types. Performs well in full sun, but can adapt to light shade conditions.

500/250 Square Feet per Pallet: Call for pricing

Piece Price: $1.75


St. Augustine for Sun & Shade:
Types will vary based on availability. These choices are good for areas that receive more than two hours of shade, but not total or near total shade.

500/250 Square Feet per Pallet: Call for pricing

Piece Price: $1.75

*Prices are available for orders picked up at our location. Delivery charges dependant on location and quantities ordered.

**Pallet square footage is approximate.


All sales are FINAL- No returns as products are perishables. Due to many factors including weather and watering restrictions there are NO GUARANTEES.

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