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Sodding produces the instant lawn. However, without proper installation and care following the operation, sodded lawns can die easily. The following step-by-step procedure is recommended for establishing the new lawn with sod.

Best time to plant:
Early fall and spring have proven better since sod is less susceptible to funguses and insects.

Ground Preparation:
Never plant new sod over an existing lawn. Remove all debris roots and weeds and rake to level grade. An effective herbicide might be needed to remove any weeds that persist. Advisable to check soil for proper PH levels. 

A system installed by an irrigation specialist is recommended for optimum performance of St. Augustine sods.

Water Ground:
Watering soil a day or two prior to installing new sod is advisable. This will add much needed moisture for your new sod. Once the sod is installed be sure to water between 6 and 8 AM only; do not water during the evening as letting sod sit in moist soil overnight weakens the integrity of the sod's root system.

Laying Sod:
Sod should be installed within 24 hours of delivery. Place pieces together staggering each row with half or whole pieces to prevent joints from coming together in each row.


Immediately following installation, see your nursery or garden center for proper pesticides, insecticides and fungicides; contacting a spray service for regular service is a convenient alternative.




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